Part 2: It's Not's WHY. Performance Tour Philosophy.

In the previous post, we discussed two critical points related to performance tour philosophy--developing your overall goals and determining the scope of your experience. In this post, we'll address how depth of experience is more important than quantity.


Make It Meaningful


So often I see groups doing the same things in any given city, almost to the point of predictability. And while every city certainly has their must see much of the itinerary content I see are attraction experiences that are no different than what a tourist walking up to the admission window will receive. (Much of this, sadly, has been driven by the bid process trend of school districtswhere multiple travel planners have to design a tour to the common denominator, and the low bid wins. A topic for another time.)


This could take many formsit might be a hands-on workshop at a museum, an extended behind the scenes clinic experience with a performance organization or show, a multi-day collaboration with a leading conductor, a walking tour that incorporates the history of the area, or even something as simple as having the budget to see both a Broadway show and a symphony concert (rather than only choosing one). The possibilities are as endless as your creativity and asking the question, what if?


For example: a good friend in the Los Angeles group travel industry has an incredible program where groups have a private screening of a movie in a historic theater, followed by a Q & A with a star from the film. Twice I've had groups who met an Oscar-winning actor from a legendary film (who brought his statue to show the students!). Yes, these experiences are often higher costbut they are also tremendously higher value, because they are not experiences they can have on a family vacation.


This ties into the redefinition of the "big" tour concept that was discussed in the first part of this series. Less resources towards distance traveled gives you more to work with once you're at the location.


The side bonus to this: content of this type will likely be easier to justify to administration and school boards, especially in this day and age of ever-increasing scrutiny of time away from school (and ever-prevalent testing). This type of experience places less emphasis on sightseeing and more on educational and musical value.which might help them see beyond the price tag.


Pack Light


This is not a reference to a suitcase, but rather to schedule.


As directors of music ensembles (and I was guilty of the same), we have a tendency of thought that reads fill every minute of the touridle time only means teens getting into trouble. The other reasoning is the concept of getting our moneys worth, meaning that weve come all this distance so we need to see and do as much as humanly possible from breakfast to bedtime.


Unfortunately, what we see so many times as a result of this are students too exhausted to appreciate where they are and what they are experiencing. Its a shame to see kids falling asleep in the middle of a Broadway show or a philharmonic concert.not only a waste of an expensive ticket, but more painfully a lost cultural opportunity. Even worse is seeing them sluggish during a clinic or rehearsal with a great conductor/educator, or during their performancetimes when we all want them at their very best. Pacing is everything.


Quite simply, its the old concept of quality vs. quantity. Do you look at the experience as a one-shot opportunity, or a way to whet the appetite of your musicians for future experiences?


This comes back to my own personal experience in high school band and that trip to Washington, D.C. We saw a lot.but didnt see everything. What it did though was open the eyes of a kid from rural Iowa to a much bigger world, and motivated him to strive in life to achieve success and be able to experience things like this time and time again. (And when he was finally conducting a band of his own, guess where he took them on his first tour?)


In the next installment, we'll discuss having the vision of the performance experience you desire for your ensemble.




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