The Art of Preparing the Adjudicator's Packet

As in a great restaurant, sometimes presentation can be everything.

With your Festivals of Music experience approaching in about six weeks, now is a terrific time to make sure that you have everything that you need ready to present to the adjudicator-clinicians so that they may provide you and your students the best possible feedback on your performance. Key to this is the adjudicator’s packet, which you’ll turn in when you arrive at the check in desk on the day of the festival.

First of all, it should contain the following:

  •  A copy of the conductor’s score for each of your adjudicated selections. Each score should preferably have all of the measures numbered so that your adjudicator can easily refer to particular sections of the music in their commentary. NOTE that you will need three copies total. (We’ll get back to that in a minute.)
  • A copy of the announcer’s form. This has all of the information about your ensemble, any special soloists as applicable, and the titles and composers of your musical selections. You can find that form on our website by clicking here. NOTE that you will need four copies total. (More on that to come as well.)

A key point to remember: the conductor’s score MUST be an original, purchased version of the music, NOT a photocopy. This is necessary in order to be compliant with copyright law, so it protects you from trouble…and preserves the ability for composers to make a living and keep writing the great works that they do. The exceptions to this rule would be:

  • If the piece is permanently out of print, and you have received notification from a music dealer or publisher to make photocopies. (Please include the letter or email you received granting permission.)
  • If the piece is on backorder, and you have confirmation from a music dealer or publisher allowing photocopies. (Include the letter or email as well.)
  • If the piece is an e-print work, and you have printed out a copy of the score. Remember that you do have to actually purchase these scores individually—you are typically allowed one e-print per purchase.

That’s why we’re letting you know about this six weeks before you need it—PLENTY of time to get on the phone or publisher website now to order those scores.

Once you have that assembled, here’s how you put the packets together in a way that will help you present yourself to the registration table and the adjudicators as a first-class, supremely organized, wow-this-director-has-it-together kind of person:

First, gather your scores and complete the performance announcer form. (Make three additional copies of the announcer form, it'll save you time.)

Put the entire set in a manila envelope:

Do that same exact thing two more times.

Take the three manila envelopes with your scores and announcer sheet, and clip them together with the fourth announcer sheet copy on top.

And you're ready for the registration table!

Any more questions about assembling your packets? Email us here. See you soon!

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