What's the Festival Day Really Like?

Your Festivals of Music event is rapidly approaching…and we’re looking forward to seeing your performances! We can never say it enough—so THANK YOU again for participating in our event.

We want to give a bit of a “walk through” of what your festival day will be like so that you know what to expect. No one likes surprises—ESPECIALLY when you’ve got a performance involved. And while each of our locations will be a bit unique in its own special way, there’s an overall process that will be relatively similar regardless of where you are joining us.

First, an overview of the staff. Since we can’t be everywhere we hire incredible site teams who understand our expectations of hosting a high quality event and the care and courtesy with which we treat our clients. Each site team is led by a Site Host and a Regional Coordinator, who coordinate the workers for the site (or multiple sites) on each performance day. Each team consists of helpful staff who will guide you through the day. If you need assistance at any point, don’t hesitate to ask the staff or the Site Host.

Upon arrival, your Bus Greeter will meet you at your bus and provide directions for the group. Until you have met the Greeter and received instructions, it is best to keep your group on the bus. That person will also provide parking instructions for your drivers. If you have an equipment truck or any additional vehicles, please make the Greeter aware of that as well.

You will be escorted into the building and to the Registration Table, where you will take care of some business items:

  • You will verify and sign off on your total number of participants AND
  •  Pick up your souvenir pins
  • In some locations you may also pick up attraction tickets at this time (if applicable)
  • Be sure to COUNT ALL THESE ITEMS at some point before leaving the festival site in order to double check that you have the correct number needed.

You’ll also at this point deliver your adjudicator packets. (Remember those from a few weeks ago? If not, click here for a quick refresher.) We’ll have you sign in that you have delivered those, and you’ll also sign them out when you pick them up at the end of the day so that we know you left with your adjudicator scores.

Depending upon the site, we always work to have a storage area for instrument cases and belongings. If that is available, please understand:

  • It will most likely be a shared space with another group. Don’t leave valuables there.
  • Please try to keep your group’s items gathered in one portion of the area, allowing room for other groups.
  • We advise having a chaperone supervise the belongings while the group is performing.

Depending on how soon you perform, you’ll either go right into the warm up room OR you’ll have some time to listen to other groups. Please take some time to sit in the audience during your visit—it is a terrific way to help your students develop good musical listening skills, and a tremendous way to build community among the performing ensembles in attendance.

A Group Guide will take you to the warm up room at the appropriate time. Once there, you’ll have about 25 minutes to prepare for your performance. NOTE for instrumental groups: your percussion section will leave for the stage about 5 minutes before the rest of your group to set up their equipment as needed.

About 5 minutes before your performance time, a Group Guide will arrive to take you to the stage. Once there, the Announcer will give you the “go ahead” to enter the stage and begin your set up. When you are ready to begin your performance, simply let the Announcer know. They will introduce you and your group.

You know how to do the next part. It’s what you’re best at.

As soon as your performance is done, one of the clinicians will come up on the stage to spend some time working with your group. They are great people and exceptional teachers, so take advantage of this time with them in whatever way you feel will best benefit the group. Some will get up on the podium and take the group through some spots…some will have you do that…some will use the time to talk with the kids. But all will have something valuable to share.

When the Announcer indicates it’s time to wrap up, they or a Group Guide will direct you to the stage exit, and a Group Guide will walk you back to the main lobby area. If you are an instrumental group, you will continue to where your cases are stored.

If you have additional groups performing, you start the process all over again. If you are at a multiple site festival, that might mean boarding your buses to depart.

If you are done performing for the day, we encourage you to listen to some of your fellow performing ensembles. If you are ready to leave, you need to do the following:

  • Make certain that all of your belongings are gathered up from the site and back on board your bus or equipment vehicle.
  • Stop at the Registration Table to pick up and sign out your Adjudicator Packets, which will contain your adjudicator scores and the written comments they made about your performance. PLEASE be sure to do this, as we don’t want you to lose those valuable conductor scores and they RARELY “turn up later”.
  • Be sure you have all of the information regarding the awards ceremony—where and when and any other questions you may have.
  • When you counted your souvenir pins (or tickets if applicable), if you have extras or are missing some talk with the Registration Table to make corrections.

That’s your day! Again, if there is anything that you need along the way—please ask. That is why our site staff is there. We look forward to your visit!


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