All's Well That Ends Well

If you're reading this, most likely you've just returned home from what we hope was a fun and successful spring music tour with your students. We are grateful that you included a Festivals of Music event as part of that experience, and most importantly THANK YOU for making the effort to go "above and beyond" and create an exciting and memorable opportunity for your students by taking them on the road. This can be a truly life changing experience for a young person, and we appreciate the difference you are making in their lives.

There are a couple of things that you'll want to do to make your Festivals of Music experience complete, and gain the full value of what our programs offer. Start by logging into your Festivals Edge account, where you should see the following page:

First, we're going to ask a small favor. Please click on the "Evaluations" button and give us your feedback. It's really important! This is how we'll continue to improve upon our events from year to year, making the experience better for you and your fellow music educators. Remember, if nothing's ever said...then nothing's ever heard. (Thank you in advance!)

Second, then treat yourself by clicking on "Director's Gifts" and pick out something for you. It's our little token of appreciation for bringing your musicians to our festival...we appreciate your confidence in our event.

Finally, click on "My Results" which will take you to this page:

Here's where you can download your recap sheets, your score sheets, and other items related to the awards. Most importantly, click on the "Audio Notes" for each of the adjudicators and you can listen to their comments from your performance--and use that information right away to help the musical growth of your ensemble continue.

The last thing we would ask you to do--go back to our main web page and sign up to join us next year! We would love to see you perform again and have the opportunity to serve you, your students, and your program.

Until we meet again--very best wishes and musical success to you!

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